• Fully Verified: Every account is phone and email verified using unique phone-numbers and email addresses.
  • Access: You will receive the accounts in the format token;email;password, but you will not be able to access the associated email address, as the emails being used will become invalid after 1-7 days. For logging in manually you can use the login script (see the tab ‘Tokenlogin’).
  • Randomized profile picture, scraped from the biggest legit Discord servers.
  • Usernames created by actual people, no name generator – same method as for profile pictures.
  • Can speak on any server, no restrictions.
  • Generated by our own, unique software
  • The codebase is being maintained, optimized and extended on a daily basis
Soltion 1: RSOCKS.net

To create an account you can either click the banner, to go to the landing page or using this link: rsocks.net/signup. – You can use BHW30 to get 30% discount on your first order.

The following package is sufficient for this purpose:

After activating the package and downloading the proxylist, we suggest to first check them using their free checker, to sort out the ones that are offline, before loading them into the tool.

After checking them apply a filter according to the below Screenshot and click Save.

Solution 2: proxiware.com


  • We will always do our very best to help you solve any problems you might encounter.
  • We have very detailed, written notes about everything you need to know to get started – please make sure to use them.
  • It’s your responsibility to check the tokens using our free Checker shortly after purchasing (If you want to verify our checkers functionality you may use the provided methods below to login to any of the tokens manually). Make sure, to USE PROXIES for checking them!
  • Token purchases can NOT be refunded, only replacements are possible due to the nature of the product and ONLY if you have used our checker or the explained procedures upon receipt of the accounts. 3rd party software’s screenshots or output is NOT a basis for a replacement.
  • To get a replacement make sure to check the tokens immediately upon purchase with our very own checker, and contact us directly via the official contact form on our website.
  • You will receive a replacement, if the tokens are banned upon purchase.
  • If you don’t know what this product is or how to use it properly – < Do not purchase >