From: $7.99 / month



This tool is meant to be purchased and used by experienced users only. If you have no idea how to work with Discords API, do not know what proxies are or anything towards this direction, please do not subscribe. Also please note, that this tool is not designed for MassDM but rather for anything else besides that.

Joiner, Leaver and Voice Chat spammer are currently unsafe and can get your accounts banned – all other features work reliably.

meanwood’s Raid Tool (MRT)

What does the subscription include?
  • Regular updates and maintenance. We will make sure all features work at all times.
  • Possibility to suggest new features you want us to implement with the next update or report any bugs
  • The best and feature richest raid tool on the market
  • Proxy support
  • Automatic CloudFlare check
  • ProxyScraper and Checker
  • Attack Manager – easily kill running attacks
  • (Multifunctional) Joiner and Leaver (Groups and Guilds)
  • Token Checker
  • (Multifunctional) Message Spammer
  • ASCII Spammer
  • Mass User and Role Mentioner
  • Voice Chat Spammer
  • DM Spammer
  • Group DM Spammer
  • Image Spammer
  • Embed Spammer
  • Status Changer
  • Server Cleaner (Clean all messages an account has written)
  • Friend Bomber
  • Reaction Adder
  • Mass Reactor
  • Guild Info Parser
  • Token Toolkit
  • Server Smasher (Toolkit to perform multi-requests to guilds as admin)
  • HypeSquad Changer
  • Nickname Changer
  • Avatarchanger
In addition to the “README.txt” included in the tool itself, which you receive upon purchase, we have created a quite extensive FAQ regarding all the things one may need to know when for using the tool at
  1. In order to prevent license abuse, you can only activate this product on one machine at a time. To unlock it to move it to another one, you can message us directly via our contact form.
  2. If you did not use a cryptocurrency to pay for your subscription, this subscription is set to auto-renew after your first payment. To stop automatic renewal, please go to your customer dashboard and modify your subscription’s renewal plan according to your preference.
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