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Whether you are planning to grow your audience organically or artificially – we have got you covered. Profit from our years of experience in social media marketing, and leverage your business to a whole new level.

Promoting Your Company On Discord Or Telegram Has Never Been This Easy

We have created a wide range of products, services, and software to fit our clients’ needs in growing their audience on Discord or Telegram. Feel free to check out our products, services, and software.

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Grow Your Audience

Our company offers multiple solutions to achieve fast growth for your business – artificially or organically.
We custom-tailor our solutions to your needs.

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We have developed not-for-sale applications that allow us to generate accounts for Discord, which we then can use to boost a server’s member count by joining these accounts on a specific server. All accounts are created with realistic usernames and profile pictures – some even have a Hypesquad badge etc. – to make them look as legit as possible. All usernames and profile pictures have been scraped from real users on real, big Discord servers and communities.
Generally, we differentiate between offline and online boostings. Offline boostings work as described, but the members are permanently offline, while with online boostings all joined members are following a realistic online/offline cycle to simulate going to sleep in different time zones. Additionally, all online-boosted members have a random chance to start playing a game like Minecraft, Fortnite, CS:GO and many more, and switch their statuses from online to DnD or idle and back.

If you want to grow your server more organically, our invite-only Mass DM program allows for messaging real users on small or big Discord servers, that you can entice to join your community on Discord or elsewhere. We cannot guarantee that those users will join your community or server – it all depends on the quality of your message and the user’s willingness to follow your Call To Action, but we can assist in setting everything up, if you would like help with that.

Insights & Analytics

Our software is able to display real-time statistics on marketing campaigns and accurately reports how many users have been reached by your actions.

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When using our Mass DM application, you will receive real-time statistics on messages sent, get links to possibly shortened URLs, which you can use to track user behaviour, and even logs on proxy behaviour and many more trackers, to help you root out underlying problems with e.g. insufficient quality of proxies used.

Automated Shop

Select any item you would like to purchase, and simply check out. If you require additional information about a purchase, just message us via our chat.

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All of our offered products are delivered directly upon verification of payment, and orders are marked as completed and shipped. Currently, some services still lack full automation, such as offline or online boosts as we have experienced certain abuses of our website regarding those, but deliveries for these services are generally extremely quick with a guaranteed maximum period of 24hrs. Should the delivery take longer, you can assume that we will give you a little gift to compensate the inconvenience.

We aim to fully automate all products and services for your convenience as soon as possible.

Boost Your Revenue

Our software allows for inexpensive, reliable, and effective marketing campaigns. Promote your products and services with ease.

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Our Mass DM program can not only be used to grow your audience on Discord, you can also use it to advertise your products or services. The program is, as described, invite-only and we take a good look at submissions of applicants, to make sure that our services accurately fit your needs, and are not in violation or opposition of our terms and conditions.

Once you have made it into the program (no upfront cost to submit an application), you can choose a service plan that works best for you, and upon booking your desired plan, we will assist in designing your Discord marketing campaign.

Grow your audience and / or boost your revenue – it’s up to you.

Expert Marketing Consulting

We gladly consult in how to tackle your marketing campaigns and support you in setting up everything regarding our Mass DM software.

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When signing up for a Mass DM plan, you will gain access to consulting from our founders on how to properly use the tool, which proxies you should use, which servers to target, ideal amount of token usage, message design and many more.

Fully Digital, Contract-Free

We want to make working with us as easy as possible. No minimum subscription periods, no contracts or paperwork, no headaches.

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We have learned that our clients and customers are interested in an uncomplicated and hassle-free checkout procedure, which is why we have scrapped all contracts and minimum subscription periods. Cancel your subscriptions anytime or simply don’t pay for the following month. Don’t worry – we will not charge you without your explicit permission.

We started out as CS students exploring Discord’s developer API. Ban waves, failed trials of previous generations of our code, and years of coffee consumption have made our code base as robust and resilient as it can be, and we pride ourselves in the quality of our work.

We have been offering products and services intended to use with Discord since August 2019, went from simple B2C products to a full range of B2B IT and marketing solutions. Our experience allows for designing and creating software that fits our clients’ every need.
All offered products, services, and software are created or aided by self-written code. Automating and optimizing our business processes has helped us grow from a small-scale web shop to an almost fully automated marketing agency.

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