March 30, 2020

MRT Updates 1.4.3 – 1.4.4

minor restruct and optimization of status changer minor optimizations in guild info parser added username changer added token-amount-slider to joiner and leaver added option to join all tokens to all guilds to joiner fixed joiner log increased ProxyScraper and ProxyChecker throughput and success rate, huge speed gains fixed issue where the ‘default.txt’ file was not […]

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January 23, 2020

RELEASE: Fully-Verified Discord Tokens

We have finally finished our new premium tokens, that come verified with a real and legit email address. Per request, you will receive all login credentials (Discord account, mail account) in addition to the token itself (read article description for conditions). Check out all their features by clicking the following link: Enjoy!– meanwood

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