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  • These tokens do not work with the raid tool without prior email- and phone verification. For this please purchase Fully Verifieds [RANDOM COUNTRIES]
  • Are mainly for developers NOT for raid-tool users
  • Unclaimed means, that these tokens got no usernames or passwords set and thus only the token will be delivered

I. Features

  • PRIVATE: Never resold/shared.
  • Aged – All our tokens are a couple weeks to months old. Our procedure will ensure, that the longer we are active as a seller the older the tokens we are selling get.
  • Usernames created by actual people, no name generator.
  • Restricted usage and “easier” phone-lock due to not being verified. We suggest to have a verification tool at hand to unlock normal token behaviour.
  • Do not work with the raid tool without prior email- and phone verification
  • Are mainly for developers NOT for raid-tool users

II. Generation

  • Generated by the software we, @discord_god & @living_proof, coded exclusively
  • Our source code is unique, it does not include any pastes whatsoever, and noone but us has access to it
  • The codebase is being maintained, optimized and extended on a daily basis

III. Raiding Software

  • As it is not possible for us to verify the quality of every open market solution, we support and recommend only our own spammer.

IV. Usage and bans

There are a couple ways to trigger Discord’s anti-spam countermeasures very quickly. Depending on the tool you are using, you might get them banned extra fast, if you do things like:

  • DM Advertising
  • Mass Spamming
  • Sending Messages 24/7

How to not get your tokens banned:

  • Use our raid tool exclusively
  • Use paid proxies for every action, if working with multiple tokens at the same time (TIP: buy any dedicated ones and don’t tell anyone where you bought them, so they don’t get polluted)
  • Don’t use the avatar changer to often
  • Don’t “Mass DM”
  • Don’t “Rainbow Status”
  • Don’t “Friend Bomb”
  • Don’t send messages 24/7
  • Don’t use the Nickname Changer
  • Don’t use the Hypesquad Changer
  • Be very careful with the Voice Chat-Spammer
  • Don’t use any 3rd party Online Stayer scripts

Please note that, despite the above tips, the tokens can still get caught by Discords anti-spam-system. There is no 100% safety, if you are performing mass requests of any kind to Discords system.

V. Terms Of Service

  • It’s your responsibility to check the tokens shortly after purchasing
  • Token purchases can NOT be refunded, only replacements are possible due to the nature of the product
  • To get a replacement make sure to check the tokens immediately upon purchase with our very own checker, and contact us directly via the live chat on our website.
  • You will receive a replacement, if the tokens are banned upon purchase
  • You will receive a replacement, if the usernames are not unique or no profile picture is set
  • You will receive a replacement on banwaves (are anounced via newsletter, news channel and blog)

VI. Support

  • We will always do our very best to help you solve any problem you have, but note that personal support sessions are not included, if you purchase tokens
  • We have written very detailed notes about everything you need to know to get started – use them
  • Support through the LiveChat can only be offered up to a certain extent, it is required that you bring some basic knowledge about how to work with what you are buying
  • If you require a personal support session including TeamViewer or alike, we have to charge $30 per 30 minutes.

VII. Contact

For business-related inquiries, you can contact us directly. We cannot offer troubleshooting through these direct channels.

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