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Our brand new service, ONLINE SERVER BOOSTING, delivers new and legit looking users directly to the door step of your own server.


We have extensively tested the features our community requested during our private Beta for this service and are proud to present to you the finished product:

  • (Almost) Always Online: All bots will randomly cycle throughout the day between being online and offline to simulate real user behaviour, e.g. going to sleep. About 80% of all bots will stay online, while the other 20% have their well-deserved good night’s rest.
  • User Activity: Our bots will randomly start playing one of over 40 games our Beta testers have wished for, including:
    • League of Legends
    • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    • Overwatch
    • Minecraft
    • and many more …
  • Realistic Usernames and Profile Pictures: Scraped from some of the biggest servers there are, we have equipped our bots with a combination of usernames and profile pictures inspired directly by real users – maybe even yourself. 😉
  • Subscription Lifetime Guarantee: You will keep the right to your online boost should anything unexpected happen, e.g. if you sell or promote certain services or products on your server and it gets banned because of this, you will of course have the right to transfer these bots to your new community, as long as your subscription lasts.
  • Automatic Joins: Our bots will initiate their joins on your server automatically within 24 hours after you have submitted your order with us.

We hope you enjoy this service as much as we did developing it with your guys’ help. Thank you for all the great input and suggestions during the Beta!
– meanwood

P.S.: Here’s a short sneak peek how the bots joined on your server might look like: