How many tokens should we use to raid your desired server?
Which Discord server do you want to have raided?
When do you want the raid to take place?
Which actions do you want us to perform on the server?
Only fill out, if you want a specific message to be spammed on the server (no racism, personal information/doxxing, threats etc.)
What protection measures are enabled on the server? Select all that apply.
Haven't got a lot of invite links or does the server have an extra attentive admin, who might invalidate the provided invite links? - Not a problem, we can make our bots create a new invite link on every join and have them instantly use these for the follow-up bot, it will be impossible for the server owner to invalidate them in time, probably Discords GUI will not even be quick enough in displaying them.
Describe the joining procedure.
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Need a server raided because you have your reasons for it? Then you have come to the right place.

We will raid ANY server for you. We can also spam any customized messages you want us to send or just random ASCII, Emojis, etc.

Possible spamming methods are:

  • Mass join/leave
  • ASCII spamming
  • VC spamming
  • Server smashing (requires admin rights)
  • Mass user mentioning
  • Image spamming
  • Embed spamming
  • Custom message spamming
  • Role mass mentioning
  • Mass status setting
  • Mass reaction adding

After purchase you may as well contact our Support to discuss any further details, you want to let us know.