• fixed incorrect outputfile of proxy checker
  • fixed an error, that caused rate limit handling to malfunction in some cases
  • added excepting naming to all exceptions during requests
  • added baretail to the application, it will autostart upon application start
  • message spammer with delay now queues the tokens in order, instead of randomly
  • fixed mass reactor not reacting to with all tokens to all emojis in some cases
  • added delay options to mass reactor and reaction adder
  • fixed some “done” prints for some features
  • added baretail-logviewer by default
  • various minors


  • added token-amount-slider to joiner and leaver
  • added option to join all tokens to all guilds to joiner
  • fixed joiner log
  • increased ProxyScraper and ProxyChecker throughput and success rate, huge speed gains
  • fixed issue where the ‘default.txt’ file was not found during initial startup
  • removed confusing output while using CloudflareChecker
  • VC-Spammer fix – work in progress


  • minor restruct and optimization of status changer
  • minor optimizations in guild info parser
  • added username changer


  • minor optimizations in checker and checkerV2
  • another major optimization in the guild info parser, now any sever, even the special ones should be parseable
  • added option to parse the owner information of the server
  • fixed one bug in joiner, that caused for some guilds when chain joining is enabled it would always show the popup to run the guild info parser first
  • added an option to limit the amount of invites-codes to create when using the joiner with the “generate invites only” option
  • removed debug print from reaction adder
  • added some more console output at different places


  • patched VC Spammer and reworked Server Cleanup so even older systems can handle these functionalities – had to substantially slow down a few processes, but result is optimal and consistent
  • VC spamming now has an option to randomly spam voice channels
  • VC spamming will now continue to play the selected video in other voice channels after playback has finished in the current channel
  • VC spamming now supports a “deployment range” a.k.a. you can choose to play the selected video with up to x tokens, even specify which ones directly by selecting the appropriate range
  • reworked embed and image spammer, now fully functional


  • refined error log output format
  • potential fix for crash of the main app after longer runtime
  • refined console output for message spammer
  • fix for image and embed spammer – work in progress
  • removed debug print from checkerV2
  • fix for some servers having a special way the guild infor parser has to adapt to – done
  • refined console output for guild info parser
  • fixed joiner getting stuck randomly
  • fixed guild info parser not parsing offline members for guilds with < 1000 users and fixed online member parsing for guilds with > 1000 users and users with ascii letter in their name
  • randomized member selection for mass mentioner for every message sent
  • randomized role selection for mass role mentioner for every message sent
  • added message counters to all relevant features


  • fixed encoding error if the parsed guild information contains special characters and ultimately caused the attack to fail
  • fixed ascii spammer, which was causing a bug on windows when calling it
  • fix for image and embed spammer – work in progress
  • fix for some servers having a special way the guild infor parser has to adapt to – work in progress
  • fixed automatic config rewrite if it is faulty


  • fixed import error, that causes some features to crash on start
  • added ability to provide multiple invite links to the joiner
  • added back fully functional spam-emoji appending to message spammer
  • added mass invite-link creator to the joiner
  • added combination of delay and message limit to the message spammer
  • added multiple visual message and delay outputs to the message spammer
  • added possibility to mass reactor, to react to/remove all existing emojis in a message
  • fixed reaction adder
  • all features are now fully functional, please report any possible bugs through the “submit bugs & suggestions” feature


  • added functionality to remember login credentials and auto-login, if they’re set
  • added basic usage information to some features, e.g. ‘Role Mentioner’
  • fixed minor issues
  • minor changes on the logintoken function, that affected some users
  • fixed user parsing of guild info parser
  • fixed mass mentioner
  • improved requesthandling for speed enhancement
  • improved duration of status-changer
  • fixed and added delay variations to all relevant features
  • added chain-joining feature to joiner (automatic invitelink-creation upon join and reuse with follow up bots)
  • fixed all-channel spamn for all features
  • added message-limit option to message spammer


  • fixed “login to token” in token toolkit
  • minor gui optimizations
  • fixed button for nickname changer


  • fixed minor issues


  • fixed VC spammer


  • fixed minor issues
  • updated README.md


  • added back the bug-fixed server-smasher (does not work with user-tokens)


  • added random reaction adder (works with ANY emoji), it will randomly react to one of the emojis in the provided message
  • added proxy support for vc-spammer, added console output for vc spammer
  • friend adder now optionally takes the user’s ID as an argument to befriend the user instead of only username+discriminator (if only the name+discrim does not work)
  • Checker and CheckerV2 now remove any duplicates in your token lists


  • added colored output to the joiner for if an invite link is invalid or the bot is banned from the server
  • mass mentioner and guild info parser (for members) currently broken, discord has patched another method to parse the members, fix in progress
  • optimized status changer
  • added popup after sucessfully parsing guild info
  • added differentiation between minor and required updates
  • made loading of the features a little bit faster
  • notification popup regarding necessity of changing bots status to online only appears 1 time now
  • added autoupdate
  • added “how to react to custom emojis” to readme
  • removed socks4, socks5 proxy types due to incompatibility


  • fixed permanent “unexpected status during login” for some users


  • fixed permanent “unexpected status during login” for some users


  • removed wrapping to executable for now


  • fixed all features, that were not working anymore
  • added server member scraper
  • optimized workflow of all features
  • major gui rework
  • added warning popups for affected features
  • rewrite of README
  • removed command-line-mode, mac-os support, termux support
  • added random join delay options for joiner and leaver
  • added possibility to select amount of tokens to leave and option to leave all servers
  • added error reporting
  • added feature suggestions