April 4, 2020

MRT Updates 1.4.5 – 1.4.6

fixed incorrect outputfile of proxy checker fixed an error, that caused rate limit handling to malfunction in some cases added excepting naming to all exceptions during requests added baretail to the application, it will autostart upon application start message spammer with delay now queues the tokens in order, instead of randomly fixed mass reactor not […]

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March 30, 2020

MRT Updates 1.4.3 – 1.4.4

minor restruct and optimization of status changer minor optimizations in guild info parser added username changer added token-amount-slider to joiner and leaver added option to join all tokens to all guilds to joiner fixed joiner log increased ProxyScraper and ProxyChecker throughput and success rate, huge speed gains fixed issue where the ‘default.txt’ file was not […]

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March 24, 2020

MRT Updates 1.3.7 – 1.4.2

fixed import error, that causes some features to crash on start added ability to provide multiple invite links to the joiner added back fully functional spam-emoji appending to message spammer added mass invite-link creator to the joiner added combination of delay and message limit to the message spammer added multiple visual message and delay outputs […]

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March 18, 2020

MRT Update 1.3.7

added functionality to remember login credentials and auto-login, if they’re set added basic usage information to some features, e.g. ‘Role Mentioner’ fixed minor issues minor changes on the logintoken function, that affected some users fixed user parsing of guild info parser fixed mass mentioner improved requesthandling for speed enhancement improved duration of status-changer fixed and […]

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