MRT Updates 1.4.5 – 1.4.6

  • fixed incorrect outputfile of proxy checker
  • fixed an error, that caused rate limit handling to malfunction in some cases
  • added excepting naming to all exceptions during requests
  • added baretail to the application, it will autostart upon application start
  • message spammer with delay now queues the tokens in order, instead of randomly
  • fixed mass reactor not reacting to with all tokens to all emojis in some cases
  • added delay options to mass reactor and reaction adder
  • fixed some “done” prints for some features
  • added baretail-logviewer by default
  • various minors
    full rewrite of the checkerv2
  • removed checker “v1”
  • added support options to help menu
  • mass reporter – work in progress
  • added ability to select random games per token when going online
  • added game selector with default game list to status changer
  • fixed streaming/watching and listening to status setting in status changer

MRT Updates 1.4.3 – 1.4.4

  • minor restruct and optimization of status changer
  • minor optimizations in guild info parser
  • added username changer
  • added token-amount-slider to joiner and leaver
  • added option to join all tokens to all guilds to joiner
  • fixed joiner log
  • increased ProxyScraper and ProxyChecker throughput and success rate, huge speed gains
  • fixed issue where the ‘default.txt’ file was not found during initial startup
  • removed confusing output while using CloudflareChecker
  • VC-Spammer fix – work in progress

MRT Updates 1.3.7 – 1.4.2

  • fixed import error, that causes some features to crash on start
  • added ability to provide multiple invite links to the joiner
  • added back fully functional spam-emoji appending to message spammer
  • added mass invite-link creator to the joiner
  • added combination of delay and message limit to the message spammer
  • added multiple visual message and delay outputs to the message spammer
  • added possibility to mass reactor, to react to/remove all existing emojis in a message
  • fixed reaction adder
  • all features are now fully functional, please report any possible bugs through the “submit bugs & suggestions” featurefixed encoding error if the parsed guild information contains special characters and ultimately caused the attack to fail
  • fixed ascii spammer, which was causing a bug on windows when calling it
  • fix for image and embed spammer – work in progress
  • fix for some servers having a special way the guild infor parser has to adapt to – work in progress
  • fixed automatic config rewrite if it is faultyrefined error log output format
  • potential fix for crash of the main app after longer runtime
  • refined console output for message spammer
  • fix for image and embed spammer – work in progress
  • removed debug print from checkerV2
  • fix for some servers having a special way the guild infor parser has to adapt to – done
  • refined console output for guild info parser
  • fixed joiner getting stuck randomly
  • fixed guild info parser not parsing offline members for guilds with < 1000 users and fixed online member parsing for guilds with > 1000 users and users with ascii letter in their name
  • randomized member selection for mass mentioner for every message sent
  • randomized role selection for mass role mentioner for every message sent
  • added message counters to all relevant featurespatched VC Spammer and reworked Server Cleanup so even older systems can handle these functionalities – had to substantially slow down a few processes, but result is optimal and consistent
  • VC spamming now has an option to randomly spam voice channels
  • VC spamming will now continue to play the selected video in other voice channels after playback has finished in the current channel
  • VC spamming now supports a “deployment range” a.k.a. you can choose to play the selected video with up to x tokens, even specify which ones directly by selecting the appropriate range
  • reworked embed and image spammer, now fully functional
  • minor optimizations in checker and checkerV2
  • another major optimization in the guild info parser, now any sever, even the special ones should be parseable
  • added option to parse the owner information of the server
  • fixed one bug in joiner, that caused for some guilds when chain joining is enabled it would always show the popup to run the guild info parser first
  • added an option to limit the amount of invites-codes to create when using the joiner with the “generate invites only” option
  • removed debug print from reaction adder
  • added some more console output at different places

MRT Update 1.3.7

  • added functionality to remember login credentials and auto-login, if they’re set
  • added basic usage information to some features, e.g. ‘Role Mentioner’
  • fixed minor issues
  • minor changes on the logintoken function, that affected some users
  • fixed user parsing of guild info parser
  • fixed mass mentioner
  • improved requesthandling for speed enhancement
  • improved duration of status-changer
  • fixed and added delay variations to all relevant features
  • added chain-joining feature to joiner (automatic invitelink-creation upon join and reuse with follow up bots)
  • fixed all-channel spam for all features
  • added message-limit option to message spammer

$0.08 Tokens are back!

We found a bypass to bring back the cheapest tokens on the market, plenty in stock.

Token price substantially decreased!

Good news! After Discords changes, we were able to find a way to decrease the production cost again, so now we can offer them for $0.16 instead of $0.54 each token. Each account is verified with a phone number from one of 10 different countries (no Russia or Kazakhstan, which sadly have a bad reputation on Discords anti-spam system). – Though we are already working on bringing the $0.08 tokens with Russian numbers back (in bulk), updates will follow.

SERVER RAID: Invite chaining

We have added a new feature to our server raiding service – Invite chaining

Haven’t got a lot of invite links or does the server have an extra attentive admin, who might invalidate the provided invite links? – Not a problem, we can make our bots create a new invite link on every join and have them instantly use these for the follow-up bot, it will be impossible for the server owner to invalidate them in time, probably Discords GUI will not even be quick enough in displaying them.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Online Boosting and long-living tokens are back

The past two weeks, there were some severe problems with the lifetime the verified tokens which also had affected our online boosting service, we have now found a solution for this.

Online boosting is back and now running stable. – We now offer two different types of tokens which are both phone and email-verified:

1. Spammer tokens with a lifetime of 24 hours at $0.10
2. Long-living tokens with unlimited lifetime at $0.54

The reason, for the increase in price for the long-living tokens are changes that Discord has made which requires much higher production costs for these ones. – One very important thing about the long living tokens: You are required to use proxies when working with these. If you don’t use proxies (even one check is sufficient) unpredictable problems can occur (such as them losing their email-verification).

RELEASE: meanwood’s Raid Tool (MRT)

Well, that took a while, but it’s finally out : ]
It can do everything you can imagine. If not, just tell us and we will add it within the next updates.

As a cherry on top to celebrate this release, we have decided to permanently discount our FULLY VERIFIED TOKENS by 50% for all customers with any active subscription, e.g. Online Server Boosting or MRT.

Hope you enjoy the tool as much as we do!
– meanwood

RELEASE: Fully-Verified Discord Tokens

We have finally finished our new premium tokens, that come verified with a real and legit email address. Per request, you will receive all login credentials (Discord account, mail account) in addition to the token itself (read article description for conditions).

Check out all their features by clicking the following link:

– meanwood

IMPORTANT: PayPal Resellers

It has come to our attention, that one of our resellers, intially named “KSK” or “Ninja”, has been scamming PayPal buyers for some time now.
If you have purchased from any reseller, who did not deliver, please contact us directly, we will try to find a solution (please have some screenshots ready of the conversation with the reseller).

Let us make this very clear once again: we had pointed out on our website, that resellers are not related to our company in any way, so us offering a replace to everyone who was affected is a gesture of good will.

From now on, do not purchase anywhere else but in our shop directly until further notice.

– meanwood

IMPORTANT: Impersonators

There have been a couple attempts to impersonate the owners of our shop, do not fall for it. Please note, that we do not do any direct sales. All purchases must go through our shop directly and we do not use Discord for any communication.

To contact us, please use our official contact channels, which are:

– meanwood

RELEASE: Online Server Boosting

Hey guys, proud to make this announcement:

Our new online boosting service just went live! Now you can boost your servers even more legitly with new online-staying members. All further information can be found by clicking on the featured article below or here :

Best regards,
– meanwood

BETA: Server Boosting – Online Staying feature

We have finished our online staying feature and are now looking for 10 BETA testers. If you are interested, please contact us via the new LiveChat on our website – – or use the following link to reach it directly:

Have a great day!
– meanwood

Lightweight Discord client with token login support

Ripcord is a desktop chat client for group-centric services like Slack and Discord. It provides a traditional compact desktop interface designed for power users. It’s not built on top of web browser technology: it has a small resource footprint, responds quickly to input, and gets out of your way.

Please keep in mind that this endorsement has been made on 02 January 2020. We cannot be held responsible for any changes made to Ripcord after that, that could cause or have caused any damages to your tokens etc.

Kind regards,
– meanwood