March 4, 2020

ANNOUNCEMENT: Online Boosting and long-living tokens are back

The past two weeks, there were some severe problems with the lifetime the verified tokens which also had affected our online boosting service, we have now found a solution for this.

Online boosting is back and now running stable. – We now offer two different types of tokens which are both phone and email-verified:

1. Spammer tokens with a lifetime of 24 hours at $0.10
2. Long-living tokens with unlimited lifetime at $0.54

The reason, for the increase in price for the long-living tokens are changes that Discord has made which requires much higher production costs for these ones. – One very important thing about the long living tokens: You are required to use proxies when working with these. If you don’t use proxies (even one check is sufficient) unpredictable problems can occur (such as them losing their email-verification).

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